National Affiliations


Young Audiences Arts for Learning

Young Audiences is the nation’s oldest and largest arts education network. With 30 affiliates across the country, Young Audiences is an association of affiliated organizations that are each dedicated to local education and community development, while collectively working together to impact arts in education practices and policies on a national level.







Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts is the flagship education program of Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts. A nationally recognized leader in early childhood arts-based learning, Wolf Trap Institute trains early childhood educators to use the performing arts as a teaching strategy to engage children in active learning across curricula. Working through a wide network of partners and affiliates, Wolf Trap Institute reaches 75,000 students, teachers, parents and caregivers each year. Arts for Learning is proud to be South Florida Wolf Trap, one of 20 Wolf Trap Institute affiliates across the country and around the world.

Arts for Learning is proud to be the South Florida Wolf Trap.