We lead and work with love.

Our Culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

We are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. We want to sustain an organizational culture that is welcoming, nurturing, open, and safe for all to participate. We strive to be a people first organization that supports the individuals with whom we work and serve. Our mission is to advance teaching and learning through the arts. This advancement relies on engaging our community. Engagement happens when people are genuinely included, heard, and valued.  We lead and work with love, empathy, and positivity while encouraging tough questions, challenging and respectful conversations, reflection, and constant learning.

We are an antiracist organization.

We recognize the brutal and complex systems of oppression, privilege, and systemic racism that impact and shape our community, schools, and daily lives.  It is our collective responsibility to help dismantle these systems. We recognize that everyone is socialized with biases, many of them rooted in the racist systems that surround us. As an antiracist organization, we must identify racist policies, practices, and procedures and do our part to replace these with antiracist ones; with policies, practices, and procedures that focus on equality and address the harm that racist policies have caused.